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Homeham – novel kind of heat pump

Homeham – novel kind of heat pump

Solved problem

  • A sharp reducing of thermal power and energy efficiency ratio (COP) of existing heat pump at low outside temperatures;
  • Difficulty and even inability to achieve temperature of 55 Celsius (border temperature of Legionella) in the reverse water heating reservoir in winter period;
  • High energy costs (sometime, more than 30% of total energy spending) frosted evaporator thawing;

Because low efficiency of existing heat pump an limitation of electricity infrastructure consumer should use a fossil energy sources.

The opportunity

Heat pump with high COP in negative temperatures. Our heat pump Homeham based on multi cascade technology will open 4-7 billion dollar annual niche at heat pump industry to markets such as North USA, Canada, Russia, and Scandinavia.
Our simulations show that we will save more than 31% in Helsinki , 35% in Quebec or 45% in Moscow. As well, our heat pump can work in warm climate providing energy saving of 15%-20%.

Homeham is perfect solution for water heating for hospitals, hotels and nursing homes. Existing heat pump cannot heat a water to very high temperatures without existing support like waste heat. Our heat pump can provide a very hot water with minimum energy expense.

The Thermodynamic performance


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