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About the company


The company established in 2014 and start the activity in 2015. The company engaged in developing saving energy solutions for cooling industry. The company has developed some solutions and products, but its were not enough competitive or economic attractive to the market..

The multi-cascade methodology developed by the company led to one of innovative energy efficiency solution for cooling industry in last 20-25 years.  The technology based on involving in thermodynamic cycles and optimization of COP rates.

The multi-cascade solution allowed to create Ecokor – device enable to save 10%-30% (depend on climate terms and cooling equipment kind) of energy spent in cooling/refrigeration process. Moreover, Ecokor enable provide same results for refrigeration truck and save fuel of transport refrigeration units. In Ecokpr Hybrid model the saving rate can achieve 37% and even more in Southern Asia, Africa or main LATAM regions.

In 2020 the company team multi-cascade heating system, Homeham, as the most efficient heat pump technology in the world. This stand-alone solution incorporates a dual compressor and a smart algorithm which regulates local output ot match demand. Homeham will break through current barriers to the mass adoption of heat pumps with an increase in heat pump Coefficient of Performance (COP) by 20%-40% in ambient temperatures and 100%-150% in negative temperatures. The company solution, at full-scale, has the potential to remove fossil-fuels from space heating across Europe in the next decade and meet the EU Zero emission strategy 2030 and other global strategies aiming to decrease GHG emission .

Both company’s products, Homeham and Ecokor provide a perfect internal return of investment (IRR).


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