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Our vision

The energy transition towards zero-carbon energy requires novel technology for creation, capture and transport of energy. Currently, the most sustainable solution to decrease the use of carbon sources for heating is using a heat pump Unfortunately, existing heat pumps cannot handle a large temperature’s gap and lose the efficiency

We developed a new kind of heat pump. By using our multi cascade technology we create two thermodynamic cycles instead of a single one in current heat pumps. Combined with our new thermodynamic algorithm our heat pump achieves a COP of 3 which means we get 3 kilowatts of heat from one Kw of electricity. This decreases the energy requirement by 67%). 

Using our industrial demonstration site, we will manufacture and sell to European hospitals, generating our first stream of revenue. Next, to create impact on the wider market, we will collaborate with licensing partners across Europe and the US to bring our technology to both industrial and residential users.

We have vision to participate in projects related to transforming the world from fossil energy to green. 

Our developing for cooking and refrigeration industry enable to save about 12%-38% of energy and fuel spent for cooling and refrigeration of food supply chain. Implementation of our technology will lead to decreasing food insecurity. Reducing of GHG emission and substantial economy of food supply chain include farms, food plants, cold warehouses, fleet o9f cold logistic (refrigeration trucks and containers) and supermarkets.  Ability to improve food security situation is not only benefit of our technology. Expert of International Institute of Refrigeration (IRR) believe that « refrigeration sector which consumes about 17% of the overall electricity used worldwide»  With according to FAO, the food sector accounts for around 30% of the world’s total energy consumption and around 22% of total greenhouse gases emissions (GHG). Refrigerated storage can account for up to 10% of the total carbon footprint for some products when taking into account electricity inputs, the manufacturing of cooling equipment, and other GHG emissions. It means. Cooling industry (not include air conditioning and home cooling) is responsible for GHG emission amounted as 3.6 billion ton of CO2. Estimated GHG emission caused by refrigeration transport units amounted as 350-400 million ton of CO2.

Implementation of technology enable to reduce 10%-15% of GHG emission caused by cooling (include cooling logistic) will lead to reducing annual GHG emission amounted as 500 million ton of CO2, equivalent of 8.8% of global commitment with accordance to Paris Agreement. 

Eventually, future of any technology innovation depends on financial benefit that the innovation can to economics. Our technologies mean energy efficiency: reducing of fuel and energy consumption, growing of competitiveness and cash flow increasing. It means, reducing of foods cost that will be shared cold supply chains and its customers. It means a huge economic benefit. Therefore, our technology integrates food security, ecology improvement, business efficiency and substantial economic benefit.

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